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Welding Services

Fitzpatrick`s offers predominantly MIG welding & TIG Welding:

Most of our engineers are coded in one or both on the 3 most popular materials: Mild Steel: Stainless Steel: Aluminium.

We take our welding very seriously and spend a lot of time discussing welds. Where to put them what type and how big.

Third Party Weld Inspection

We organise third party weld inspection to BS EN ISO 5817(2014) & we can follow that up with load testing to provide you with certified SWL Test Certificate.

We offer ARC Welding Spot welding and Aluminium synergic welding without certification.

We can provide third party inspection certification for these types of welding if required.


• Assemble formed and machined parts
• Tack-welded into place and re-checked for accuracy
• Weld referring to engineering drawings
• Prevention of warping with materials
• Special precautions are taken with the weld


• Synergic welding used mainly on thick Aluminium
• Programmable Spot Welding up to 100 AMPS
• Capacity discharge stud welding up to M8

Contact our welding sales department today for a free estimation and any industrial engineering requirements.

MIG Welding Services

We use MIG welding because it is the quickest. It is most suited to Mild Steel applications and is great for producing structural or load-bearing welds.

TIG Welding Services

We use TIG welding on Stainless steels and thin aluminium (up to 6mm) It is clean and very controllable. Attention must be given to the fit up and weld sequence because it can cause much distortion.

ARC Welding Services

We use ARC welding for producing strong welds. It is also useful when you cannot control the atmosphere around the weld pool for example in windy conditions.

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3D CAD modelling utilising Solidworks backed by Solid Solutions support, training and infrastructure turns your ideas and drawings into components suitable for manufacture. Call now on +44 (0)1282 677800 or Contact Us for a FREE quote and expert advice.
35,000 Sq. Feet of manufacturing floor space gives Fitzpatrick's UK the capacity to manufacture and prototype in dedicated areas. Our 25 plus employees have the skill sets required to produce quality manufacturing for the most discerning of customers. Call now on +44 (0)1282 677800 or Contact Us for a FREE quote and expert advice.
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